Made by KUMMERT as innovative inventions and consistent enhancements of existing products


The year 2018 was dominated by digitization. The products of the HD generation presented in the previous year are an impressive success. The exceptional picture quality of the cameras, the joint work in the cloud and the comfort of the Profi 4 HD have convinced all along the line.

A motorised reel was presented at IFAT, which was to develop into the Push Buddy over the course of the year.

The Kummert team has continued to grow and has exceeded the mark of 100 employees.


Kummert introduced the new generation of digital inspection systems at RoKaTech 2017 for the first time.

The highlight was the new basic unit Profi 4, which sets new standards in terms of equipment, operation and ergonomics.

But also the new cameras with the branch negotiating camera Camflex HD, the pan and tilt camera K-60 HD and the axial camera K-50 HD met with great interest.


The year 2016 was particularly marked by one event: the upgrade of the Profi 3 to the digital version, the Profi 3+.

Also introduced was the can3D® Cloud, which allows multiple employees to work on a project at the same time.

In addition, 14 new employees strengthen the Kummert team, including 4 in service and support.


Following the customers' requirements a joint for improved bend mobility was added to F-100 which celebrated an extremely successful launch beginning of 2015.

At RoKaTech 2015 the Kummert team presented a long-awaited prototype of a small pan and tilt camera and was truly pleased by the consistently positive feedback.

The community of international partners welcomed new distributors from Israel and France.

More and more new machines and new colleagues again made us run out of space. So another extension of the premises followed and Kummert now has a staff of almost 100 employees.


Like every year the product family around Profi 3 got a new member. F-100 - a small crawler for the inspection of pipes between 100mm and 400mm – was presented at IFAT 2014.

The sales and service team was very pleased to welcome new international partners. Beside others Australian and Italian operators will see way more purple in the future.

For the first time, the mark of 85 employees was reached and the prospectives for the future are more than positive.


A year full of changes:

In order to present the company in a more dynamic manner in the future, Kummert GmbH reworks their Corporate Design and implements it at the trade fair RO-KA-TECH for the first time.

Foreign business relations undergo a heavy boost, and multiple new partner agreements are being signed throughout the year.

The range of push cameras is being extended by the first virtual-pan camera, which is showcased at RO-KA-TECH: the K-50D. The K-28 with its non-detachable reel presents another extension of the camera assortment, facilitating push inspections of pipe diameters from DN40.

Also premiering at the trade fair in Kassel: a fitted CCTV van that sets the perfect stage for the van fit-outs made by Kummert.


The company expands its product range beyond the push rod inspection systems to also include inspection vehicles fit-outs. The fit-out module for cable reel and crawler is first showcased at IFAT ENTSPORGA 2012.

Even the software can3D® Studio presented at the trade fair is specifically developed for inspections performed in a vehicle.

The CamMobile Compact is replaced by its successor CompactPlus. This compact, easy-to-use base unit is compatible with all push rod cameras and can now be utilized with the lateral-negotiating camera CamFlex® as well.


Despite the economic crisis, the company Kummert has been growing steadily and soon it becomes clear: A new building is needed!

At the beginning of this year, the contruction of a new company building commences on the adjacent site.

At the end of May, after a construction period of only 4 months, the Kummert milling and turning department moves into the new production hall with an area of 1200 m².


The crawler prototype is being presented at IFAT ENTSORGA 2010 in Munich.

The crawler is to considerably expand the range of use of mobile inspection systems, as it facilitates surveys of large pipe diameters over distances of up to 200 m.

The system CamMobile Profi 3 and CamFlex® now also captures customers in other countries of Europe.


Foundation of the limited liability company Kummert GmbH and entry into the commercial register.

The company Kummert Inspektionssysteme e.K. (registered merchant) remains in place as an independant company and acts as supplier to the GmbH.

The camera CamFlex® with turning capabilities, showcased at IFAT in 2008, has successfully established itself in the market along with the software can3D®. In October, the new inspection system CamMobile Profi 3 was debuted at Entsorga-Enteco in Cologne, Germany.

The first Kummert service point opens in Hamburg to better cover northern Germany in regards to repairs and services.


Kummert Inspektionssysteme now employs more than 50 staff members. In May, the new camera CamFlex® with turning capabilities is successfully showcased at IFAT in Munich.

By the end of the year, the accompanying software can3D® for automatically creating three-dimensional pipe plans has been launched onto the market as well.

In order to satisfy the increasing demand in sewer inspection systems in Germany and abroad, the production of chimney inspection systems is discontinued at the end of the year.


The construction of the new building with 1500 m² will be completed by fall this year. The company now counts 40 employees and holds a firm position in the sewer industry.

The inspection device CamMobile Profi II significantly defines the state of the art in the field of push camera systems.

In order to also offer its technology in the area of TV inspection vehicles, a new system is rolled out at the beginning of the year: the CamMobile Profi-Rack.

Existing TV inspection vehicles by any manufacturer can be upgraded to feature digital status capture in a fast and inexpensive manner.


Kummert rolls out several highlights. At the beginning of the year, the CamMobile Profi II, a considerably revised and extended version of the CamMobile Profi, is launched onto the market and has been regarded as the pioneer device in the area of all-in-one push-camera-systems in this market ever since.

In the middle of the year, two new, smaller sewer inspection systems follow: CamMobile Easy and CamMobile Compact. The year of new products is topped off with the reintroduction of the pan and tilt camera K-70L with integrated nominal diameter measurement.

Increasing sales also increase the demand for new staff and more work space, and a new company building is being planned.


The image capture device for chimney cameras and the sewer inspection system CamMobile Profi are launched onto the market.

For the first time, the pipe inspection's portion of the sales volume exceeds 50% of the total sales volume of 2 million Euros. Still, the field of chimney inspection systems remains in great demand.


Sales of chimney inspection products in Germany are now handled exclusively by the company Ress.

Even the Testing Device for Leaktightness DP200 is launched onto the market by the company Ress and proves successful right from the start. For the first time, our sales volume rises above 1.5 million Euros.


We succeed in entering the pipe inspection market with the product CamSmart.

In the following years, the range of products for professional pipe and sewer inspection is expanded by the base unit CamMobile and the tilt camera HR07S.


The Mini Hand Instrument 401 is introduced, and for the first time, our sales volume rises above 1 million Euros, and the number of staff increases to more than 10 employees

Recognizing this increasing growth, a new company building is being constructed.


The chimney rehabilitation branch is being sold to a co-worker.


This year, the Portable Instrument is being launched onto the market. Even nowadays, it is a chimney inspection product well sought after.

From now on, the comany Kummert concentrates exclusively on the development and distribution of inspection systems.


As the initial camera development has proved to be a great success, we start developing the first tilt camera for chimney inspection (monitor case 200).

This chimney camera is first presented at the chimney fair in Ulm, Germany, where we register good sales results, especially among the Austrian chimney sweeps.

In the following years, further developments take place in the field of chimney inspection.


The first chimney inspection camera is being developed for personal use.


Foundation of the company Kummert Kaminbau (chimney construction). Initially, the company operates exclusively in the areas of chimney consulting and rehabilitation.