Event review IFAT ENTSORGA 2012

A Trade Fair Unparalleled

Even before IFAT ENTSORGA 2012 had started, record figures were being achieved: Fair halls were booked solid. The number of exhibiting companies and associations met an all new high!

Concluding a successful week, IFAT ENTSORGA again lived up to its name as the leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management: This year, far more visitors from abroad came to Munich. As well as most European countries, all other continents were considerably represented as well.

Such a diversified audience naturally possesses many different interests. Foreign visitors to the stand of Kummert GmbH directed their attention towards the entire range of products. German visitors, however, focused primarily on innovations. A lot had happened at Kummert since the last IFAT ENTSORGA!

Apart from an improved CompactPlus, which now features a rechargeable battery and a video recording function, a new update for the software can3D® was presented. This update contains many enhancements in functionality, as well as a reworked and therefore more simplified user interface.

The crawler systems were also met with great approval: one for use with the Profi 3, a second one as a van fit-out in two different versions. Many guests seemed visibly impressed with how easily the crawler can be controlled. The automatic adjustment of the lift arm to the pipe’s center and the smooth negotiation of obstacles were well received.

Furthermore, many visitors were thrilled about the option to conduct the van fit-out themselves instead of having to commission a company to do so. The flexibility of the available fit-out versions – operating the crawler from the inside or rear of a vehicle – were also looked upon favorably. So was the operation via can3D® studio version. Many customers are already familiar with the software can3D® and, therefore, won’t have to learn a new software.

In retrospect, a great number of new contacts for Kummert GmbH were established at IFAT ENTSORGA 2012. At the end of a talk or a presentation, visitors were noticeably impressed - by the variety of products, the modular assembly of the inspection systems, the cost-performance ratio and the sophisticated and practical design of the devices.

The team of Kummert GmbH would like to thank all visitors, who contributed to a diversified week full of experiences. Special thanks to the company Umwelttechnik Hoffmann GmbH for their recurring valuable contributions at the Kummert trade fair stand!

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