Event review RO-KA-TECH 2011

A Flurry of Flashes at the Kummert GmbH Booth

“Is this broken or intended?“ was the first question many visitors asked when they saw the enhanced crawler. Yes! This is intended and, on top of that, facilitates a brilliant image quality. The crawler’s LEDs are switched on only when they are absolutely needed: namely while recording the 25 images per second. Inbetween, they are switched off to save energy. To the viewer, this procedure is a series of fast and rather bright flashes - the so-called strobe effect.

Furthermore, the improved design boasts easy-to-clean corners and edges, as well as additional weights for more stability. The nitrogen filling ensures the camera’s leak-tightness.

Visitors also got a first glimpse at version 2011.1 for can3D® and CamMobile Profi 3. The release is scheduled for the end of April. Manholes can now be drawn in a rectangular shape, and pipelines can be displayed inside a manhole. The site plan module was restructured and extended by a number of functions. Furthermore, the process of how to measure laterals was simplified. Many users were thrilled and had to give these changes an instant try. For this, several PC workplaces and branched pipe systems were available.

The test track was also utilized by CamFlex® greenhorns. They wanted to see right on site whether the camera indeed navigates laterals as quickly and easily as their fellow workers have been claiming. Of course, everyone accomplished this at their first or second try.

The Kummert GmbH thank the many visitors very much for their great interest and three wonderful and successful days. Furthermore, we’d like to thank the company Umwelttechnik Hoffmann for their recurring and excellent assistance.

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