CamFlex HD

Branch negotiating camera DN100 - 200

Turnable camera

The always upright HD image with a format of 1:1 guarantees the optimal orientation during inspection. The brightness is adapted according to the lighting conditions, thus ensuring an ideal illumination of the pipe. Of course, both brightness and focus can also be controlled manually.

Via joystick the camera can easily be bent from a straight position up to a 90° angle, ensuring that nearly all laterals from DN100 to DN200 can be moved into. Even 90° bends are smoothly navigated by the camera from DN125 and up.

The camera can be operated in a view-mode, in which only the front joint is moved and the image is additionally panned and tilted digitally. Thus damages and pipe joints can be surveyed in detail.

Operating CamFlex® HD with Profi 3+ or Profi 4, the pipe run is measured continuously. Out of these data a three-dimensional model of the pipe network is created.

Precise Focus due to Special Lense

Due to the special lense the focus is quick and precise

Branch negotiating camera

CamFlex® is bent up to 90°, ensuring that nearly all laterals from DN 100 - DN200 can be moved into

HD Image with 1:1 Format

The 1:1 format is ideal for displaying circular pipes

3D Sensors for Measurement of pipe run

The pipe run is measured and displayed while inspection

Flashed LED for Extremely sharp images

Maximum brightness and short recording time ensure crisp, clear images

  • Range of use DN100-200
  • Diameter 72mm
  • Complete lenght 310 mm
  • Lenght of camera 39 mm
  • Weight 1260g
  • Focus adjustable
  • Deformation 90°
  • Tightness 1 bar
  • Protection IP68
  • Transmitter 512/640 Hz

Systainer K-50 HD, K-60 HD und Camflex HD

Storage case for safe storage of the cameras: K-50 HD, K-60 HD & Camflex HD