Easy HD

The complete system for quick inspections

Compact and light design

EASY HD is small and lightweight, perfect for indoor and outdoor inspections. However, Easy is extremely robust and with a high-quality construction. Aluminium side plates give the device stability and non-slip rubber base ensures a secure stand.

With a total weight of less than 15 kg and an extra wide carrying handle, it can be transported effortlessly to any location. The small footprint of only 27 x 47 cm allows the device to be used even in very confined spaces.

Equipped with the K-28 HD and K-50 HD cameras, all pipes normally found in a building can be inspected. The range of applications extends from DN 40 to DN 200.


Easy Catalog

Easy to inspect with easy software

An intuitive user interface and a minimalist project structure characterize the operation with the EASY HD software. Contracts are created as projects and surveys as pipes. When creating a project, the user is able to enter only descriptions or some basic information.

With one click the video recording is started. If desired, the inspector will document the condition of the pipe through observations and photos. Observations are either entered as free text via the touch-screen keypad or selected from a damage catalogue designed by you. These are shown directly in the video and displayed alongside the live image as an overview list.


The integrated reels are equipped with 50 and 25 metre long rods respectively and are ideally matched to the K-50 HD and K-28 HD cameras. Of course, they are equipped with a precise meter counter and a reel lock.


EASY HD is powered by a standard rechargeable battery, which can be replaced in one easy step.This ensures uninterrupted operation. Empty batteries are ready for use in no time thanks to a quick charging mode.


The software is operated via a touch screen. Large, instantly recognizable buttons and an intuitive user interface make operation extremely easy and quick to learn

  • Monitor 12,3"
  • Resolution 2736 x 1824
  • Power supply Akku 18V
  • Charging time approx. 30min
  • Camera control Joystick
  • Processor Intel Core m3 7Y30
  • Removeable medium USB Stick
  • Protection IP54
  • Reels 25m, 50m
  • Stand space 360 x 475mm
  • Height approx. 640mm

Centering sleeve K-50 HD

The centering sleeve elevates the camera in the pipe and protects it.