Flashlight for perfect illumination and Crystal clear Image

Continuously adjustable lift arm

The camera does not have to be mounted – it is firmly connected to continuously adjustable lift arm. The pipe diameter is entered and the camera will automatically be centered in pipes from 200 mm to 800 mm diameter.

High image quality

16 high-power, equal-white LEDs flash continuously and offer sufficient illumination in any pipe, which supersedes additional lighting.

The progressive recordings are of sharp quality, thus allowing for a still image to be created from the video.

Drive and control

The crawler F-200 stands out due to its rugged power-train and simple control system. Four powerful EC motors drive each wheel individually. The speed settings can be adjusted to four different speed levels, and the built-in speed control keeps the desired speed.

Automatic roll-over protection

In order to prevent the crawler from tipping over, an internal sensor measures the slope of the lateral axis. As soon as a deviation is detected, the crawler is automatically being steered back, therefore, kept from rolling over.

Continuous slope measurement

While inspecting the slope is continuously measured. The detected value is displayed at the camera control panel and optionally on the live image.

Integrated locating transmitter

An integrated locating transmitter ensures that the crawler can be localized in the pipe at any time. The transmitter can be operated with a frequency of 512 Hz or 640 Hz.

  • Range of use DN200 - DN800
  • Min Diameter 600 mm up
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 627 x 142 x 133
  • Weight up to 22,6 kg
  • Speed 5 cm /s- 30 cm/s
  • Drive steerable, all wheel
  • Motors 4 x 30 W EC
  • Thitness 1 bar
  • Inner pressure control yes
  • Accuracy slope measurementg 0,1°
  • Track-keeping assistent yes
  • Location 512 Hz oder 640 Hz
  • Camera mounting fixed
  • Operating temperature 0°C bis 40°C
  • Protection IP 68
  • Focus adjustable
  • Diagonal view 83°
  • Angle of view +/- 180°
  • Sensor resolution 1cm to endless
  • Lighting 1984 px x 1225 px
  • Lighting control 1440 lm
  • Pan range infinite
  • Tilt range +/- 140°
  • Zoom 2x
  • Laser -


This set allows to use the Quick-Lock system with F-200.

Set of weels

Various sets of wheels are included in the scope of supply. Additional wheels can be purchased optionally.

Accessory Case XS F-200

With these accessories F-200 can be used in 150 mm pipes