50m reel for push cameras


The reel is hooked onto the basic unit and connected via a plug-in connection. In this way, the reel can be removed or replaced at any time.

Well braked

The locked reel stop prevents unintentional unwinding of the sliding arm. The reel lock is released by a simple turn. The free-wheeling brake also regulates the smooth running of the eel.

Exact meter counting

As soon as the sliding eel is moved, the reel records the distance traveled and displays it on the screen of the basic unit. Via the software, the position can be set to zero or adjusted as desired at any time.

Perfectly adapted

The reels are available in various designs. The diameter and length of the sliding reel vary in order to ensure ideal sheet travel and maximum reach in every area of application.

Robust construction

The side plates and thus the suspension of the reel are made of durable ABS plastic. A quiver protects the connected sliding camera during transport and storage.

  • Length 50m
  • Meter counting integrated
  • Brake integrated

Reel and cable drum holder

Cable drums and reels are hooked into the easy-to-mount holders and are thus properly stored for transport.