75m / 100m reel for all cameras

Accurate meter counter

When the rod is moved, the reel registers the covered distance and it is displayed on the basic device’s screen. Via the software, the position can be set to zero or any desired value.

Well restraint

The applied reel lock prevents unwanted unreeling of the push rod. To release the lock pin, simply turn it and continue with the inspection, while the freewheel brake controls the rod‘s coasting speed.

Easy assembly

The reel is hooked onto the basic device and connected via a plug. Thus the reel can be removed or changed over without any effort.

Perfect match

Various types of reels are available. The rods differ in length and diameter in order to ensure the best possible push performance and flexibility for all fields of application. Except for the K-28, all cameras and reels are interchangeable.

Robust design

Depending on size and weight of the reel, the side plates are made out of sturdy ABS synthetic material or aluminum. A tubular protects the connected camera during transport and storage.


The transmission of data is about to change from analog to digital. The latest Profi 3+ and CompactPlus devices are already equipped with the new digital technology. Of course existing devices can be upgraded.

  • Length 75m / 100m
  • Meter counter yes
  • Break yes

Reel and cable drum holder

Cable drums and reels are hooked into the easy-to-mount holders and are thus properly stored for transport.