K-60 HD

Pan and tilt camera DN80 and up


The pan and tilt camera K-60 HD is suitable for pipes of DN80 and up. Due to its design the camera navigates bends smoothly and easily.

K-60 HD rotates endless and pans +/- 120°. Thanks to the flashed LED the HD image with a format of 1:1 is extremely crisp and clear.

The camera is equipped with two laser diodes for measuring the pipe dimension. The integrated locating transmitter allows a precise detection of the camera during inspection.

Precise Focus due to Special Lense

Due to the special lense the focus is quick and precise

Laser measurement

With the integrated laser diodes the pipe‘s diameter and the width of cracks are measured

HD Image with 1:1Format

The 1:1 format is ideal for displaying circular pipes

3D Sensors for Measurement of pipe run

The pipe run is measured and displayed while inspection

Flashed LED for Extremely sharp images

Maximum brightness and short recording time ensure crisp, clear images

  • Range of use DN80 and up
  • Diameter 60mm
  • Complete length 253 mm
  • Lenght of camera 63 mm
  • Weight 750 g
  • Focus einstellbar
  • Rotation endlos
  • Pan angle 120°
  • Tightness 1 bar
  • Protection category IP 68
  • Transmitter frequenz 512 / 640 Hz
  • Recommended reel L

Systainer K-50 HD, K-60 HD und Camflex HD

Storage case for safe storage of the cameras: K-50 HD, K-60 HD & Camflex HD

Centering trolley K-60 HD

The 12 wheels ensure a steady push operation. The trolley also elevates and protects the camera in the pipe.