KR-200 HD / KR-300 HD

The mobile cable drum with 200m / 300m

Automatic roll up and roll down

The cable is guided via a lever with sensor, which receives a different height setting due to the respective cable tension. The sensor detects whether cable is to be given or retrieved and offers several advantages for inspection at once. The crawler moves forward much more smoothly and easily because the cable is always unwound with constant force. If the crawler stops, the unwinding process stops immediately.

High load cable

The 200/300 m long cable is Kevlar-reinforced and has an extremely high tensile strength. Thus, the cable can withstand even high loads without any problems.

Flexible cable routing

Due to the ring guide, the cable can now be guided downwards in any direction. This makes the choice of location for the cable drum much more flexible.

Integrated meter counting

When the cable is unrolled, the meters are counted precisely. Via the proTab, the meter count can be set to zero at any position.

  • Control automatic, 100 W EC
  • cable 200 m / 300 m
  • rewind sensor controlled
  • meter counting impeller with encoder
  • protection class IP 54
  • emergency stop available
  • connection cable incl. 6m, 10m optional

Reel and cable drum holder

Cable drums and reels are hooked into the easy-to-mount holders and are thus properly stored for transport.


The pulley guides the cable around any edge and angle from the manhole into the pipe and helps protect the cable sheath from abrasion. Spring latches in each guide facilitate subsequent cable insertion, thus allowing for the crawler to remain connected to the cable drum and be lowered into the manhole before mounting the pulley.