Control panel for Profi NG


proTab and Profi NG are the power couple of the HD generation. Compatible with all analog and digital cameras and trolleys, you are perfectly equipped for absolutely any situation.

The proTab is equipped with a laser for distance measurement, an integrated camera and an LED spot. It also has a sensor that detects the rotation of the tablet and thus complements the measurements of the Profi NG.

The can3D® NG software offers numerous functions such as working with house rings, inserting plan templates, measurement functions and much more.

The proTab can be removed quickly and easily and many jobs can be carried out independently of the base. Thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery, no power supply is required for this.


The software is operated via a touchscreen that responds excellently to touches with the finger as well as with the high-quality, pressure-sensitive pen.

Thus, mouse and keyboard are superfluous and working in confined spaces or with gloves is possible without any problems. The operating elements such as pushbuttons and joysticks meet the highest quality standards and ensure direct and fluid control.

Cameras, carriage and PushBuddy are operated via joysticks, buttons and rotary knobs.

Many measurement functions can also be operated via the hardware and thus independently of the touchscreen.


With can3D® NG, projects can be pre-processed and post-processed, renovations can be planned and plan drawings can be prepared. The range of services and the scope of documentation are customized for each project.

The proTab includes a SIM card whose data usage is included in the can3D® NG subscription.

This means that the online services of the software can always be used while on the move.

In addition to the mobile use of OpenStreetMap and the localization of devices, it is above all the cloud that brings enormous advantages.

Projects are stored online so that they can be accessed from anywhere.


More about can3D

High processing power

The proTab is equipped with an Intel Quad-Core i7 3.0GHz processor, 256GB SSD storage and 16GB RAM.

Removable control panel

The control panel can be used for certain work steps independently of the basic unit.

Mobile Internet

Because of the LTE module, the can3D® online services can also be accessed on the move

Touch or stylus

The touchscreen responds to finger and stylus touches

13 inch display

The PixelSense display (2880x1920 pixels) convinces with high contrast and lifelike colors

  • Display 13 inch PixelSense
  • Resolution 2880x 1920
  • Camera control 3D-Joystick
  • Crawler control 1-axis-Joystick
  • Processor Intel® Quad-Core i7 3,0 GHz
  • Internal memory 256GB SSD
  • Removeable memory USB C port
  • Image format JPEG
  • Video format MPEG4 H.264

Profi Tab Docking

Table mount for the proTab with connection for the Profi NG.

Profi NG power supply

The power supply unit charges the Profi NG tablet independently of the base. So it can also be used in the office or with your customer, without you having to pay attention to the battery status.

Profi NG connection cable

With the 5m, 10m or 30m long connection cable, the control panel can be operated in full independently of the Profi NG.