Profi NG

Profi NG with laser-technology

One base two tablets

The Profi NG is the basis for the easyTab and proTab tablets and is compatible with all HD generation reels and cameras.

The integrated rechargeable battery provides a mains-independent power supply and the design enables ergonomic working even over hours.

The position of the control panel can be adjusted according to the working posture or used independently of the base for specific work steps.

Despite its small size, the Profi NG offers space for two reels or a cable drum, which can be conveniently hooked in for transport.


Profi NG Catalog



proTab and Profi NG are the power couple of the HD generation. Compatible with all analog and digital cameras and crawlers, you are perfectly equipped for absolutely any situation.

The software can3D® offers numerous functions such as working with house rings, inserting plan templates, measuring functions and much more.


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easyTab and Profi NG together form an unbeatable team. All digital reels and cameras can be used, so you cover every need in property drainage with one device.

The Record software is extremely easy to use and requires hardly any training or familiarization time. Condition recording is carried out according to individually configurable damage catalogs. Immediately after completion of an inspection, a report is generated for the respective pipe, which is immediately available on the stick.


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Profi NG and can3D® NG in action

Controllable laser

The Profi NG is equipped with an additional measuring laser that can be rotated by motor. It is controlled via a stepless joystick and is therefore accurate to the point.

The laser is pointed at two points in the plan or building and the position is confirmed. From this moment on, a virtual Profi NG is live in the 3D world with you.

Meter counting in wheel

The rear wheel is equipped with a meter counter that records every step you take together. At the same time, sensors register when the base unit is turned.

Individually adjustable position

The Profi NG offers the inspector every conceivable comfort. The position of the proTab can be adjusted at two points to achieve an ideal working posture.

For protection from sun or rain, the supplied umbrella is attached to the device with magnets. The proTab can be removed and used for many jobs independently of the base.

  • Power supply AC 100-240 V, max. 300W
  • Protection category IP54
  • Battery 16,5 V, 7,5 Ah
  • Operation time ca. 3,5 hours
  • Charging time approx 1 hour

Profi Tab Docking

Table mount for the proTab with connection for the Profi NG.

Profi HD lens hood

Profi NG power supply

The power supply unit charges the Profi NG tablet independently of the base. So it can also be used in the office or with your customer, without you having to pay attention to the battery status.

Profi NG holder

This easy to mount fixture ensures a secure stand of your Profi NG in the vehicle.

Profi NG connection cable

With the 5m, 10m or 30m long connection cable, the control panel can be operated in full independently of the Profi NG.

Profi NG Adapter

With this adapter you can also use all other devices from Kummert that are not equipped with the new connector of the HD generation (Profi NG Adapter works only with can3D 2018).