Kummert push cameras stand out due to their sleek design without any sharp edges resulting in a high pipe bend mobility

CamFlex HD

The always upright HD image with a format of 1:1 guarantees the optimal orientation during inspection.

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K-28 HD

The small and light-weight K-28 HD can be pushed through several 87° bends easily.

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K-35 HD

The K-35 HD is designed for use in pipelines of DN50 and larger and already offers excellent bendability in this small diameter.

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K-50 HD

K-50 HD is suitable for pipes of DN70 and up

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K-60 HD

The pan and tilt camera K-60 HD is suitable for pipes of DN80 and up

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K-70 HD

A nominal diameter measurement can be carried out at any time with the K-70 rotary and swivel head camera.

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