The advanced version of can3D®

The all-rounder among the inspection programs



Projects can created on the basic device or computer. After selecting a standard the needed information is requested so that nothing is missed.

Manholes can be created and edited prior to the inspection. By naming them important preparatory work is done for the correct designation of the pipes to be inspected.


During the inspection findings are entered and directly or subsequently displayed in the video. A list according to the selected standard ensures a correct entry of findings and eases the description of the pipe's condition..

The pipe run is captured via manual entries or sensors and is displayed in 3D right next to the live image.


Basic information and findings can be corrected or completed quickly and easily. If subsequent text overlay was selected, the changes also apply for the texts in the video. They are only inscribed during the final export.

The 3D model of pipes and manholes can also be edited until the final export.

Rehabilitation measures

The inspection is the basis of the rehabilitation planning. The selection list of measures can be adapted to the relevant range of products.

The entered measured are displayed on several reports.


With the export assistant the settings for the output are comfortably made. Thus the amount and extent of the output is defined for every individual project. Moreover a free of charge view program is created.

Local or online projects
Import of various interface files
Creating and configuration of manholes
Free 3D navigation
Automatically created 3D model of the pipe network
Bends and branches in 3D
Manhole inspection
Continuation of interrupted inspections
Sketches on observation images
Inspection in accordance with various standards
Damage categories
Multiple inspection of one pipe
Optical measurement of percentages
Editing directly on the device
Editing of the 3D model
Editing of observations
Import of videos
Subsequent text overlay
Planning of rehabilitation measures {fa::check}}
Free of charge view program for customers
Automatically created reports
Export in accordance with various standards
Simultaneous usage of one projects by several users
Administration of licenses and users
GPS device locating
Transfer of projects via cloud
LTE connection with 10 GB data volume
Regular updates
Online Support via TeamViewer
Transfer of projects (without videos) to Kummert Support