F-200 HD

The Crawler from DN200 to DN800

Steplessly adjustable lifting arm

The crawler camera does not have to be mounted separately - it is permanently connected to the infinitely adjustable lifting arm. By entering the pipe diameter, the arm moves to the correct height so that the camera is always in the center of the pipe between DN200 and DN800.

Drive and control system

A powerful drive and simple control make the F-200 HD crawler stand out. Four powerful EC motors drive each wheel individually. The built-in cruise control maintains the set speed on demand.

Automatic tilt protection

In order to keep the crawler the pipe bottom at all times, an inclination sensor measures how tilted the crawler is via the transverse axis. The crawler is automatically steered back into the pipe bottom, thus preventing it from tipping over.

Continuous inclination measurement

During the entire inspection, the F-200 HD records the gradient or slope of the pipe. The values are constantly displayed in the camera control panel and, if desired, in the video image.

  • Range of application DN200 - DN800
  • Manhole diameter from 600 mm
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 627 x 142 x 133
  • Weight up to 22.6 kg
  • Speed 5 cm /s- 30 cm/s
  • Drive steerable, all-wheel drive
  • Motors 4 x 30 W EC
  • Tightness 1 bar
  • Internal pressure monitoring integrated
  • Lane keeping assistant (sole) integrated
  • Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C
  • Protection class IP 68
  • Focus automatic and adjustable
  • Laser yes
  • Exposure control automatic and adjustable
  • Upright image yes
  • Rotation range endless
  • Panning range +/- 140°
  • Zoom 2x
  • Tracking 512 Hz or 640 Hz

Accessories case XS

With the included accessories, the F-200 HD can already be used in pipes from DN150.

Air wheels (4 pcs.) from DN 500

For use in pipes from DN 500


This set allows to use the Quick-Lock system with F-200 HD.