K-28 HD

HD Axial camera DN40 and up


The K-28 HD is used in pipes from a diameter of DN40. Three ideal white LEDs ensure optimum illumination.

The 2.2-millimeter super-wide-angle lens is encased in epoxy resin and stainless steel. This combination of materials takes the stress off the lens and makes the K-28 more durable.

The K-28 HD camera comes on a permanently mounted reel.

  • Range of use DN40 and up
  • Diameter 27 mm
  • Complete length 108 mm
  • length of camera 32 mm
  • Focus fix
  • Diagonal angle 120°
  • Angle of view 120°
  • Sensor resolution 640 px x 480 px
  • Lightning 270 lm
  • Lightning control auto. / adjustable
  • Tithtness 1 bar
  • Protection IP 68

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